Travel Diary – Santorini, Greece

Put simply, an island of dreams.

The Greek island of Thira, nicknamed Santorini, is one of the main touristic islands off the coast of mainland Greece. I spent a grand total of two days basking in the sun and taking in the stunning views (which I mention repeatedly in this post, sorry about that). I’ve compiled a list of the best reasons to consider Santorini for your next holiday. If you’ve ever even considered it as a travel destination, just pack your bags and go.


The Views

Living on an island, I’ve seen my fair share of sea. Enjoying the sea almost never gets old, but it does lose it’s novelty after a while. The sea views in Santorini have definitely proved me wrong. I spent my whole time there absolutely in awe of the beauty that was right in front of me. It was just like looking into a painting, all watercolours and soft brush strokes.

A must in any visit to Santorini is to watch the sunset, preferably with a glass of wine in hand and good company by your side. If booking a place to eat, have a look around online to find the best places, and make sure to book in advance.


The Ambiance

Dotted all over with white building with accents of blue, Santorini has that little island feel all around. In the main towns of Oia (Pronounced Ia) and Fira, this is the architecture you’ll see all around you, with winding streets to navigate in between. The streets are dotted with little shops and restaurants that take advantage of the stunning sea views. Make sure you’re not in a rush when visiting, as the best way to enjoy the towns is at your own pace, taking in the views and the atmosphere, and stopping regularly for breaks from the sun.


During our stay, we stayed at the beach front of a town named Perissa in the south of the island. While it didn’t have the architecture we’re used to seeing in holiday snaps from here, it was a lovely place to spend lazy mornings having breakfast, followed by a dip in the sea. It was great to get away from the crowds at the end of the day as well.

The Noms

The food is one of the things I look forward to most when traveling. Greece definitely served up some good food. I looked mostly for seafood dishes, as well as the more well known Greek products like yogurt and feta.



We visited Karamanlidika  on our layover in Athens when we had a few hours to kill. The food here was incredible, it was a great way to start the Greek taste bud journey. The food was dirt cheap as well, with the whole meal costing 10 euro a head. I would definitely recommend this place.

In Oia, we watched the sunset from this place. While the view was lovely, the food was pretty over priced for what it was, with average service. I’m sure there are better places to go, however, this is not a bad option.


We ended up watching the sunset from Fira as well, at a place called Volcano Blue. The view was great, and so was the food. The steamed mussels I had were just WOW. Never tasted anything like that in my life, and I like to order mussel dishes quite often.


If you’re a wine lover, a trip to Santo Wines embodies your idea of a perfect day out. With the most amazing sea views I’ve seen in all of Santorini, the 18 wine tasting platter is definitely one to try. Take your time and take it all in.


Overall, my first visit to Greece has been quite the pleasant surprise. It is a must if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday with friends or your partner. There are a lot more activities to do in Santorini, so I recommend you do some research and book in advance. I would definitely love to visit again some day, with some more cash and the boyfriend in tow!



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